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Manual. Medir una Pieza, dando dos direcciones.

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Version 1.0.0

Measure 3 lengths and extract to Excel.



Author: El_Juanri

Date: 09-06-2010
V. 1.0.0
Revision: xx-xx-xxxx

Creative Commons


1.      Objetives
2.       What the program can do
3.       Program buttons
4.       How to use it
4.1.     Importance of the Body selection
4.2.     Error Messages
5.    Responsibilities
6.    Credits and Copyrights

1.- Objectives

 The objective of this program is to facilitate the work of people who have to obtain a lot of measures to supply the starting material of various parts.
  The final version (not trial) gets an Excel file with all these measures and the name of the part to which it corresponds.


2.- What the program can do

  We have to open a CATPart. If you have to measure the parts of an opened Product, we can get the measures starting each Part in a new window and activate it before giving the Update button of the program.
  The program creates a temporary working Geometrical Set.
  To use the program you must have a valid software license.
  You also need to have CATIA V5 licenses KT1.

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3.- Program buttons.

  When we double-click the program icon, once started and CATIA loaded with a Part, we will see this panel with the following information.

In the top box a label with the name of the active Part.panel

 The program has the following buttons having functions shown bellow. All selection buttons (Body, Line direction and perpendicular line) are used first selecting (or later) the geometry in the graphic area or in the tree and then hitting the corresponding button.

  • Button Body: Botón selec. de Body Used to determine the Body to be measured. Normally it is the “PartBody”.
  • Address Line button: Botón Selec. de Dirc. principal It is used to define the line “Length direction” of the measure.
  • Perpendicular Line button: Boton dir. perp Allows you to define a plane passing through the “Line Direction” and is parallel to the “Perpendicular Line”. No matter that the line selected for this button is not “completely perpendicular”. The program transforms it into a completely perpendicular in the plane defined by the two selected. The width measurement is made in the direction of the line “completely perpendicular”. In the figure below have been chosen two straight “no cut” but which define a plane passing through the bottom (in red) and parallel to the upper (red). However, the measure of width makes the yellow direction.


  • Button Update: Update It is used when we close a Part and open another one. We hit this button to find out which is the active file in the program.
  • Option “Close without saving CATPart”: If we have enabled this option (if we are opening several parties for the sole purpose of obtaining a list of measures), after obtaining the measures, closes all open files from CATIA v5. By default is disabled.
  • Button OK: to run the program once data are selected.
  • Button Exit : for exit from the program.

  Flags buttons to choose the language for successive starting times avoiding changing language on every application start-up.

  • Help in Spanish: shows the help document in PDF format in Spanish and put the program texts and messages in Spanish.
  • English Help: shows the help document in PDF format in English and put the program texts and messages in English.

4.- How to use it.

  We will select (in any order) a “Body”, and two lines, using the buttons for this purpose.
  If we choose a border or edge (topological elements that does not exist in the tree), it creates a temporary “Extract”.
  The program creates a temporary Geometrical Set called “Measure”.

Once filled the three fields, we can hit the OK button. And we get an Excel file like this:



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  To continue adding data to the file, we should not close Excel, close the active Part or simply load another Part. Then we hit the Update button update (in the program, not in the CATIA, of course) and repeat the process.
  If we have enabled the option opcion sin salvar we can close the program without saving Part. CAUTION! Not advised. In this case we only need to open a new Part and hit the Update button.
  The data will be added in the following lines in the opened Excel file.

excel que obtiene


4.1.- Importance of the Body selection.

  Although the program allows you to select either in the graphic area or in the specification tree, we must be sure that the selected Body (whose name appears in the label) is what we want to measure.
  In the case of Parts which have Boolean operations, if we select one of a CATPart Body and selected the PartBody, the result is that we have measured only a part of the piece and not the entire piece is usually represented by the PartBody. To select the PartBody we can select both in the specification tree or one feature that links directly to the PartBody.
  In the bellow figure, we can do the selection of the PartBody in the graphic area or in the specification tree by selecting the feature “Chamfer.2”.

varios bodys


4.2.- Error Messages.

  Occasionally you can get this message:

error ocasional

This has no importance. We can close and continue.

5.- Responsibilities.

  This software is provided “as iswithout warranty of any kind, express or implied.
  In any case, the author or any of the copyright holders can not be held liable for any claim for damages, loss of data, damage to hardware or media damage.
  You have in mind that if you decide to use this program, does so at your own risk.

6.- Credits and Copyrights.

  The Program is subject to the rights described in Creative Common, as specified in About (By double-clicking the icon in the upper right corner).

The program is an original idea of : “El Juanri” en


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El Juanri, Sevilla a 18 de Junio de 2010


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